Is effective leadership “natural?”

In the recent article, The Most Important Leadership Competencies According to Leaders Around the World, Sunnie Giles identifies the 15 most important leadership competencies based on a study she conducted of 195 leaders from around the world.  These competencies were categorized into five common themes: Strong Ethics & Safety; Self-Organizing; […]

Cultural Intelligence and Global Leadership

Any global leader would tell you that our world grows smaller with every international flight and 2 am video conference call. While a leader may quickly learn how to survive in cross-cultural settings, what’s more difficult is learning how to “thrive and succeed” as an outsider in a “new and […]

Building Trust in the Workplace

Recently, I posted an article about Google’s research on optimal team performance.  The key ingredient was the leader’s ability to create a climate of psychological safety. Today’s article provides great advice for leaders on how to build trust.  Trust for the leader and among team members is an important ingredient […]