There’s a cacophony of voices touting seemingly conflicting solutions in the area of leadership effectiveness and talent management. Every day, new self-help articles and case studies from high performing companies are shared as the latest secret to success.  Despite the prevalence of material about leadership and organizational effectiveness, scientific research in this area is difficult to consume and often doesn’t seem relevant to your practical needs. Unfortunately, most service providers don’t listen to your unique needs and just want to implement their best in class product.

Straight Path Leadership is here to help.  With over 20 years in this field, we’ve seen a lot and have worked with a myriad of companies and leaders to improve organizational and individual performance.  Our team members have decades of experience from around the world and across various industries. Still, we recognize that your leadership and talent issues are unique and complex. That’s why we start by taking the time to truly listen to you in order to better understand your goals and unique practical constraints. We then create solutions that are based on the firm foundation of rigorous scientific research and tailored to fit your specific needs.

Leadership is a journey. Yet, too often, that journey is a winding road full of roadblocks, wrong turns, and detours. It’s our job to help you find the straight path to leadership and organizational effectiveness. We work to make the steep path level and the circuitous route more direct.  

Let us help you find the Straight Path.

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David Dubin, PhD

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Mark Poteet, PhD

Dan Russell

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